History of the Burger, and the New Face of Burger Places in Grange, Stafford, Windsor

The hamburger has a long and storied history. Many have tried to make claims of being the first to invent the mighty meal, most around the late 1800s and early 1900s. There's Lois Lassen, who sold sandwiches from his lunch stand in New Haven, Connecticut. There's notable Charlie Nagreen, a meatball vendor who believed that his flattened meatball that he sold between two bread slices was the first on the burger scene. There are still many others, Oscar Weber Bilby, Frank Menches, Otto Kuase, Fletcher Davis, and many more have all lay claim to the title of burger originator. The history of who was first is a bit unclear, but what is obvious is that burgers became a big hit after they were invented, leading to an explosion of establishments selling burgers in the years that followed. One could say that the names and faces changed over the years, but at the centre of it all was the burger. Who do we have to thank for blazing the trails that would give rise to a swath of delicious burger establishments? Brew Master's, a fresh take on burger places in Grange, Stafford, and Windsor, wants to pay tribute to those that came before.

Burger Pioneers

White Castle. In the early days of burgers, White Castle was an inimitable giant. Founded in the Midwestern United States by Walter Anderson and Billy Ingram, the restaurant grew into a successful franchise, even in the face of challenges like poor public reception towards beef. White Castle's gains helped to popularise the burger, and get the ball rolling for future innovators, like yours truly!

McDonald's. Known today as the largest chain of hamburger restaurants, McDonalds, which started in 1940 in San Bernardino, California, created the groundwork for modern fast-food restaurants. They too helped bring the burger into mainstream consciousness, and their efforts were pioneering, especially for the times.

There were, of course, other early restaurants that helped bring burgers to the forefront. Kewpee Hamburgers, White Tower Hamburgers, Little Tavern, Toddle House, and Big Boy. They are, by-and-large, forgotten names today, but their contributions shouldn't be forgotten.

A New Power in Burger Places in Grange

You may have noticed that all of those classics were large chain restaurants. While that's all well and good, in today's burger landscape, things are changing. When it comes to burger places in Grange, people are increasingly looking for local-based options with high-grade ingredients, top-notch service, and flavourful offerings that won't be found at a mass-produced, franchise burger place.

Enter Brew Master's, where we take burgers to a new level – a world-class level of quality. We invite you to enjoy incredible burger meals made from the freshest produce, that will leave you feeling completely satisfied after consumption. We invite you to peruse our extensive menu of creative burger options, all designed to please the palate. We invite you to take in the relaxed dining experience where you can eat in peace, enhanced by friendly and welcoming staff. We invite you to be treated the same as we treat everyone who enters our establishment, like a local! If you're ready to experience the elite of burger places in Grange, Stafford, Windsor, and the surrounding areas, then come see us today and enjoy a burger like no other.